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občas prichádza chvíľa, kedy sa z vás niečo tlačí von a vy viete, že to nesmiete zadržať. Hľa toto je dielo spod rúk podobnej chvíľky...

My way to...

                „AIESEC is an international youth organization that engages in international student exchange and internship programmes for profit and non-profit organisations. Its international office is in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The AIESEC network as of June 2009 includes over 38,000 students in 107 countries and territories. It is present in over 1700 universities across the globe, and sends students on 5500 international exchanges yearly.“ That´s the sentens you can see on the web. But can it give you right view about this organization? The answer is NO. Work, fun, friends. That´s what aiesec is about. It´s a crazy but profound oraganization full of students. Students of univerzities aroung the world. There are no old man with beard on president chair talking to us what we should do. No, it´s all about young people. It´s about us! Not me, not you, but US! So, I want to tell you, how I were there (and still I am).



                SO, if you want to heard about what I found out, I should firstly introduce myself. Who am I? I´m just a simple humankind. Woman. Daughter. Sister. Friend. I´m student of univerzity. Student of informatics. I´m scout. Scout leader. I´m somebody who you gonna not see in croud of people. And also I´m part of student´s non-profit organization. I´m an AIESECer!

                Everything must starts somewhere. I can´t realized if it was one of raining or sunny days. But it happens. I was talking with girl I know from grammar school and somehow she mentioned aiesec. So, as I´m couriose one I asked her to tell me something more about it. And so she did. She told me about things they are doing in teams, about all meetings, callings... It was like „WOW, it sound great, but it´s the right for me?“. But for join was a little late. I had to wait a few months to next recruitment. And you know what? I told myself: „What you can loose with trying?“. So I came to the infomeeting and fulfill the aplication. It was like „Can somebody tell me what am I doing?“.

                And so there came first interwiev. I was worried about it a lot. I couldn´t even find out what they will be ask. Worried about if wouldn´t be better to do not go there. But I decided to do it. I remember it like yesterday. I still can see how that blue eyes were staring on me and I was thinking „Why he is looking at me like that? What is in his mind? What answer he want to heard?“. Truthfully? I was little scare about him. I still had that stupid sentens in my head that saying  „you are on wrong place, your are not good for this, you can´t be one of people that they need“, but you know what? I staid and joined local conference.

                I was one of the people that need to be pushed to something. It´s doesn´t mater if it´s about work, party or relation ships. And so, there came a probation period and we were working in the teams. Or we had to. But my team was like two lazy boys and me. We used to be late with all tasks still. That demotivated me. I wanted our team to be one of the best. But it was bad with everything. I was still thinking if am I on right place.

There came a moment when I was late for on team meeting with one of us oldie. I remember it exactly. It was before LC meeting and I came just on beginning of this event. So this oldie come to me and give me a little speach. It wasn´t nice speach about lifetime news. She told me that aiesec is for people that want to improve themselfs, for that ones who want to learn lot of new things, for people that want to work to reach it all and  that maybe I should thinkg if it´s good for me. Cause aiesec needs active people. So, you can see that this took a insect to my head. I was feel like this oldie don´t want me to be there. Be in aisec. So what do you think I did? Quit? No. I said to myself „she don´t want me there? So, i will be one of the best!“ J Sound maybe stupid, but this I did.

                So, I passed final interwievs, recieved an email about it and join Xchange team. There were no lot of work to do, so my first semester in aiesec was full of meetings with my mentor, my dear Xchange leader... But still there where that question. „It´s this what I used to do? Is this what I want to do?“ You see, I´m scout for few great years and there are lot´s of simillars between aiesec and scouting. I wasn´t sure if there is something that aiesec can give to me, what scouting can´t.

                I decided to stay. To give a change to aiesec to show me what we can do together. And I´m really happy that I made it like this. In the beginning of new semester I was part of great LIC OC team. And this teached me a lot. We had problems, we had fun and we had lot´s of work, but feel the satisfaction at the end of event you made, see all vievs full of thanks – that´s the best feeling on the world. And I´m very gratefull that I have oportunity to fell it, to show what I can do.

                And now I´m sitting in my room after great conference HIGHWAY ´09 that I had oportunity to joined and I´m thinkig. Thinking about what this organization is to me. What people that are making this organizations are to me...

                I´m just nine months in aiesec, but this organization give a lot. I took the change and look where am I. On my own way to change the world!

I alredy know that aiesec isn´t just about doing all this things like calling, selling, leading... It´s just the way for reach something behind. What is it? I´m not one who can give you answer on this question. You should think about it. Analyzed it. Find your way to create a better world. Just don´t forgot that if you want to change something or somebody you should start with yourself. Be role model, be that guy that gonna take us high J



                So, this is my story. My AIESEC story. I´m gratefull for everything I am, for everything I learned, for everything I done in my whole life. And aiesec is one of things that happened to me that I will never change if I will have a chance to. So, open your eyes, heards and minds. There are lot of great things waiting for us. We just need to be prepared to take it and offer something. I wish you good luck in your lifes. Doesn´t mater if you choose aiesec or not. There are many possibilities. Aiesec is just one of them and I can say that for me is one of the best ones. ;)

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